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Become a Sommelier

European School for Sommelier delivers courses based on modern sommelier training, using a teaching method sensitive to evolving changes in the international world of wine.

The Certificate of Sommelier is achieved by progressing through the course, divided into three levels. At the end of each level, you must pass the final exam in order to progress to the next level. At the third level, you must pass the final test in order to become certified.

  • Level One
    Duraton: seven lessons

    This course introduces the world of wine and covers different topics including wine tasting techniques, service, viticulture, different winemaking practices, spirits, the fascinating world of sparkling wines and special wines, legislation related to the wine world and wine faults.
  • Level Two
    Duraton: ten lessons

    The core focus is on Italian and European enography, particularly on the French region and international wines.
  • Level Three
    Duraton: ten lessons
    The final course deals with food and wine features matching methods.

During each lesson there is a theoretical and practical part in addition to sensory analysis of three pre-selected wines, all of which are blind tasted in order to stimulate and refine the sight, smell and taste of the product.

Each level concludes with a test over the theoretical, practical and sensory elements.

At the end of each level a final test is taken which includes theoretical, practical and sensory elements. The student has to pass the final test in order to secure progression on to the next level.